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What to Do If Your Tire Blows Out

Steps to Follow 

The intriguing thing about tire blowouts is that they expect you to act strangely. While your impulses may advise you to hammer on your brakes and veer off the street if your tire smothers, this is actually the exact opposite of what you ought to do. 

Try not to Panic 

You may be thinking, “Sure, that’s easy to say when you’re not in the situation,” and you’re right. But you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by not shutting down and entering crisis mode when you have a tire blowout. So after your tire blows out, keep as calm as possible, and put the following procedure into place.

Keep Control of Your Vehicle 

Once more, though you may want to brake, you need to keep your foot on the gas pedal. Keep controlling toward the path that you are going, instead of veering promptly to get off the street. You may even have to quicken a touch more to compensate for the drag that is pulling your vehicle. In opposition to your opinion, your wheels need to keep moving for you to keep up control of the vehicle. 

Correct Your Steering 

Next, you should delicately address your guiding so your car is brought once again into position. Once you have your car back under control, you can start to dial your foot down the gas pedal to back off. Utilize only very slight braking.

Pull Off the Road 

Once you have slowed back down, pull out of the way of the street. It’s best if you pull off with your blown tire facing away from traffic_ this makes it more secure to replace your tire. If this isn’t possible, don’t worry: just pull over where it is safe to do so. 

Just Turn on Your Hazards after Pulling Over 

It’s important to warn other drivers that you are experiencing an emergency, but you’re better off if you wait until you’ve pulled off the road to turn on your hazard lights. You’ll be too busy responding to the situation anyway, and you don’t want to take your eyes off the road when your car is not under your control. Try not to make things significantly harder on yourself. 

Replace the Tire or Call for Help 

You can replace the tire yourself if you know how to and can do so securely. Else, you can call a tow truck,  If you need to wait for help, stand away from your vehicle, at a safe distance from the road.


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