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Maintenance Service

Inspection Express recommends maintaining the best performance for your vehicle

In order to keep your car running at its best to keep up with routine maintenance and inspections, by properly maintaining your vehicle, you’ll reduce future repair costs, optimize your car’s performance, maintain its value and extend its life. Here are some services we provide at Inspection Express to keep your vehicle healthy on the road.

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wedo classic cars as if we just made them
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Our Services

Cabin Air Filter

Starting at $19.95

Scheduled Maintenance

30,60,90 K SERVICE

Tune up

Starting at $129.95

Air Filters

Starting at $17.95

Complete Auto Repair

We offer ASE Certified services

Maintenance Service
State Inspection

You must present proof of insurance at the time of inspection during the driving portion of the State Inspection Test, the vehicle will be checked for steering slack or binding ,horn operation , brake stopping distance and parking brake function.


We offer a wide selection of New/Used tires for fair prices

Transmission Service

A transmission service is part of your routine maintenance, just like replacing your engine oil. A complete transmission service should include: • removing and examining the sump or pan (where possible) • replacing or cleaning the screen or filter.

Brake Service

The braking system is easily one of the most important system in your car. Brakes are such a basic function that it’s easy to take them for granted until it’s too late. When you step on the brake, your car transmits the force from your foot to its brakes through a fluid, commanding a stopping force ten times as powerful as the force that puts the car in motion. On most cars, the front brakes are of the disc type, and the rear brakes are of the "drum" type, which use two semi-circular shoes to press outward against the inner surfaces of a steel drum. Older cars often had drum brakes on all four wheels, but many newer cars now have 4-wheel disc brakes.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Service (appointment only)
Regular wheel alignments help to improve driver safety, increase fuel efficiency, and prolong the life of your tires. Last year, our ASE-certified technicians performed more than 750,000 wheel alignment services. Schedule an appointment today with an automotive technician near you to have your wheels properly aligned.

All years, all makes, all models
All of them will be serviced correctly while maintaining your manufacturer's warranty.