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My car failed the state inspection, what should i do?

Inspections are done annually to vehicles to check that all mandatory parts in the car are functioning properly.

it is very common that a car fail the inspection, but don’t worry , most of the inspection stations have a free retest within the next 15 days, to make sure you get the problem fixed. There are many reasons a car might fail on. The most common test is safety and emission testing, which include three separate parts, safety items, emission testing, and gas cap pressure test. 

Not ready monitors

Don’t worry, it is very common that a car fail the inspection; the most important thing though is to understand what really needs to be done to your car. 

for example; almost 30% of costumers fail the state inspection for one common reason, readiness monitors.

what are those monitors and what do they do!?

when a car get some work done to it, the mechanic usually unplug the battery or reset the system, which will cause the car computer to reset, but don’t worry it is easy to set it back into ready.

All you have to do is drive it for almost 150 miles on two different cycles.

Failed for a fault code

usually the state system might detect some fault codes in your car computer. make sure to ask your inspector about the code provided on the failed inspection report. 

also ask for his recommendations, inspectors usually are familiar with places to fix those issues you might have.  

Failed for a safety problem

inspector’s job is to look for problems with your car, he might be able to fix it for you though, 

if your car failed the safety part of the test, make sure to ask him if he is able to fix it. 

failed for a gas cap test

the last part of Texas state inspection is a gas cap pressure test, 

if the car failed this part of the test, that means the gas cap is no longer functioning good, usually inspectors offer replacement caps for all makes.

in conclusion, the inspectors job is to detect any faults in your car, and show you the results, if your car failed the inspection, that means it is not safe for you nor to the environment to be driven on roads, therefor you will be given a 15 days period to fix the issue and bring it back for a free reinspection. 

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