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10 Tips on How to Prepare Yourself And Your Car For a road trip

Road trips are always fun and adventurous, there are a few important things to keep in mind while you are planning for a road trip. If you find a long weekend and plan to go for road trips, let’s have a closer look at a few steps on how to prepare your car and yourself. These steps play a very important role as any minor error to your vehicle can cost you a lot during the trip. 

1. It is advised that you do a complete check-up for your car at any authorized service center, make sure they change the fluids, wipers and also do necessary changes in parts if needed. It is always better to keep your car in the best shape before the trip to make it more reliable and efficient throughout the journey. 

2. The battery is a very important part of your car during a long trip as you will be depending on the battery a lot, make sure they are not running out of liquids, make sure they are well connected and are getting properly charged. Running out of a battery to start the car will ruin the fun of your trip.

3. Tyres must be thoroughly checked before the trip, make sure they have no tears or bulges. Your tires should have a sufficient amount of tread because this affects your tire grip and helps in traction while driving through rough surfaces. Also, make sure that the tire pressure is perfect as per the mentioned levels; also keep a spare tire that is fully inflated.

Tire Blows Out
Changing a flat car tire in the backyard. Tire maintenance, damaged car tyre or changing seasonal tires

4. Your car’s braking system is the most important part of your vehicle; make sure the brake pads are in perfect condition. It is advised to get a professional to have a look at your brakes and if needed get the fluids changed, make sure that the brake pedals are responsive.

5. A road trip is not just about the car, you must be prepared for all kinds of situations that may happen during your journey. Always carry your tool kit, first-aid kit, and other necessary supplies like a flashlight, blanket, etc. Also, bring extra storage of fresh water and some food items for emergency use.

6. Pack smartly. Keep in mind that you only need to take things that are most needed, make sure not to overload your car with luggage. Every car has a limit for its load capacity and so keep that in mind while packing luggage onto your car. Overloading can affect your fuel economy badly. Do not load the roof-top with heavy cargo as it increases the chance of a rollover and or loss handling.

7. Do not get lost. Know where you are going, carry a map or have a GPS system fitted in your car. This will help in situations where you come across some places you have no idea about. GPS will help you in finding easy and short routes and save your time.

8. A road trip should not be just a boring drive, bring entertainment stuff like a good collection of music, movies, etc. Have fun games in between the trip, have enough snacks, cool drinks, and food items so that you won’t have to stop everywhere to get these things.

9. Be prepared for anything at any time. You may run out of fuel or oil during the mid of your journey, so carry a good amount of extra fuel, oil, and other fluids so that you don’t have to waste your time and or hinder the fun of the road trip.
10. Be safe. Do not drink and drive or drive when you feel you are not well. Take a rest or ask someone else to take the wheel, do not risk and endanger yourself. Always follow the rules and regulations. Stay safe.


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